In 1993, Mike Knapp was working at a New York based Landscape Architecture firm that provides services for large scale projects. As Mike was starting his own family he realized he wanted to focus on using design to create an experience of being at home and, add value not only to people’s physical property but to their day-to-day lives. At that time, Knapp & Associates was created - a firm that would grow to become a leader in combining design and project management to build beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

In 1995, Mike reunited with Van Pool, his former classmate and faculty member. Van joined the Knapp & Associates team, bringing with him years of construction experience and an expertise in design.

From there, the team continued to grow. The combination of Mike's broad business experience and Van's specialization for design attracted high quality craftsman in the area. Through years of working with businesses in the area they have built a dynamic network that includes locally the best engineers, pool contractors, excavators, electricians, plumbers, fence and nurserymen, etc. This unique collaboration between Knapp & Associates and their craftsman results in a positive experience for clients and a very high quality of design.